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Architects in Vancouver

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The top Vancouver architecture companies.

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MCM Architects

Architecture firm founded in 1965 known for commercial and office buildings.

Measured Architecture Inc

Full service architecture firm founded in 2007 that focuses on modern residential and commercial projects.

Shape Architecture Inc.

Vancouver-based firm specializing in public institutions, residential, and large mixed-use projects.

IBI Group

Global architecture, engineering, planning, and technology firm.


Engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services in 60 countries.


Birmingham & Wood

Civic and residential architecture design with an office in Gastown.


Architecture firm with 5 locations across Canada.

Patkau Architects

Vancouver-based architecture firm founded in 1978 known for their public buildings.

Choosing a Vancouver Architecture Firm

Vancouver architecture is more than a concentration on the famous City of Glass theme. The building in dozens of neighbourhoods don’t necessarily represent the West Coast style, nor do they exist along the seawall or downtown the city is known for. Here are a few tips for choosing the right architecture firm around Vancouver.


Take a look through the Architectural Institute of British Columbia directory.


Look at their portfolio. It should be dead simple to gauge what kind of projects they have experience with. You don’t want to choose a firm that is branching out, and you are their first attempt and a commercial project when they are skewed towards residential projects.


Your architect may have a relationship with the Contemporary when you favour the Traditional. Please take note of their portfolio and get a sense of what their background and interests are.


These are difficult for architecture firms to get, but if they are constantly over budget and not transparent regarding fees, it may show in the reviews.


Due to client input, communication is a big deal. They may have a strong vision, and you may have one too. Get a sense of how good they are at taking feedback and executing the style of project you have in mind.