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BC's largest law firm that handles many facets of business law.


Lawson Lundell

BC's third largest law firm that handles finance, corporate and mining law.


Parr Business Law

Vancouver-based business law firm that specializes in contracts, incorporations, wills, and mergers and acquisitions.


McMillan LLP

Business law firm with over 400 lawyers across Canada.


Gowling WLG

Business law firm with offices in 9 different countries.


Norton Rose Fulbright

One of the largest law firms in the world with over 50 offices and over $2 billion in revenue.

Harper Grey LLP

Business, health and insurance law firm in downtown Vancouver with over 200 staff.

Francesco & Grayer LLP

A uniquely located law firm on Commercial Drive that focuses on family and business law.

North Shore Law LLP

One of the largest law firms in North Vancouver specializing in injury and family law.

Winright Law

Real estate and business law firm founded by Winston Kam.

Murphy & Company LLP

Vancouver business law firm specializing in Tech, Finance, Entertainment and others.

Boughton Law

Business, dispute resolution, personal and public sector law firm.

Tips for picking the right business lawyer or law firm.

Whether you’re a sole proprietorship or a corporation, business attorneys are a fact of life when running a business. Here’s our tips on assisting on picking the right one for your business.

Get a referral

Your can’t go wrong with a good referral from a colleague. Ask around.

Start looking around

Establish a relationship with a business lawyer before something happens. Preplanning like this will allow you and your business to have one less major headache if an event should occur. Also, there may be court deadlines you’ll have to hit and having a business lawyer locked and loaded can help speed up the process.

Get advice now

There may be unforeseen legal hurdles in your business that a good business lawyer can help you prepare for. An experienced legal professional will have seen many cases and scenarios that they can help you avoid.

Online legal services

Look around for some online legal services. There may be an off the shelf document or service that you can purchase at a lower rate. This doesn’t fit all situations but you might be able to find something quick and easy.

Examine the area of practice

If you’re looking for someone deeply integrated in what you’re looking for (startups, disputes, selling a company, etc) it should say so on their website. Ensure that they don’t just dabble in the area you need the most help in.

Get in touch

Talk to 3 law firms and see what they’re like. Not all lawyers will be a hard hitting tv lawyer. Find one that you’re able to communicate easily with, explain things and have a natural flow of communication.

Check online

After you’ve gotten in touch with someone you can search the Law Society of British Columbia’s website in order to find that lawyer’s status, call date, and other information. More importantly, you may want to search the hearing decisions and admissions database in order to see any decisions or complaints made in the past.

Look at the reviews and rankings on 604List

This website is designed to assist people in Vancouver find the business they are looking for. Look around the ranking pages and see if any of the law firms you’re looking at have reviews or are listed in relative categories such as: