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Data Recovery Companies in Vancouver

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Top data recovery companies in Vancouver.

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Choosing a data recovery company in Vancouver.

If you’re looking for a data recovery company, you’re probably in a lot of stress. Here’s a few small considerations when weighing providers.


It may cost more than you think, especially if you’re a business. If a company is quoting $200, you may not be contacting a trustworthy service or it could be a simple service they’re providing. A low cost company may think they can run a quick diagnostic and hand the drive back, or send it to a better company and mark up the service. Start thinking about the cost of the service as something that can easily cost thousands of dollars.

When performing hard drive data recovery a company may need to make physical repairs, replace parts inside the drive, or repair it at a system level. All of this takes time and expertise. The company’s technical staff all perform these in a clean room facility which also drives up cost.

If they do a great job, the cost may be negligible.