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The Best Order Fulfillment Companies in Vancouver

fulfillment companies vancouver

Pressure has increased on time, accuracy and smoothness of delivery over the last few years. Many brands choose to outsource their 3PL (third party logistics) and fulfillment services to ensure the customer is a happy and returning one. With Vancouver’s history of being a shipping hub, it only stands to reason this city has some of the strongest logistics and fulfillment companies in North America.

Top ranked order fulfillment companies in Vancouver:

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3PL, ecommerce fulfillment, freight services and more.


Nation-wide supply chain management, warehousing and order fulfillment company.


Omni-channel fulfillment and logistics company in Surrey.


Fulfillment company with 3PL locations on Annacis Island in Delta and several in Toronto.

Fulfillment Company Services 101

A fulfillment company is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider that handles the order processing, warehousing, and shipping of products on behalf of businesses. The main goal of a fulfillment company is to help businesses around Vancouver to streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency by taking care of the logistical challenges involved in getting products to customers. 

Here are some of the services that a fulfillment company typically provides:


A fulfillment company will provide space for businesses to store their products until they are ready to be shipped.

Order processing

The fulfillment company receives the order when a customer orders through a website. It processes it, which includes picking the products from the warehouse, packing them up, and creating a shipping label.


Once an order is packed and labelled, the fulfillment company arranges for the shipment to be delivered to the customer.

Returns management

Fulfillment companies also often handle the processing of customer returns, which includes receiving returned items, inspecting them, and processing refunds or exchanges.

A fulfillment company helps businesses focus on their core competencies, such as product development, operations, and marketing, leaving the logistical details to the experts.