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The Status Bureau

Vancouver's digital marketing agency. SEO, PPC, Analytics and marketing research.


Insights West

Quantitative and qualitative research company in Vancouver.

CRC Research

Market research firm with offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Lux Insights

Market research company in North Vancouver.


Market research company in North Vancouver focusing on market intelligence for public organizations.

Intensions Consulting

Market research company in the Dominion Building downtown focusing on market research psychology.

Sentis Market Research

Market research firm in the Pacific Centre downtown focusing on customer relationship management.

What to expect from a market research company in Vancouver.

Market research companies will find the market size and potential for your product or service. Most of it is done now through online platforms, but it is important to choose a firm that can ask unbiased questions and determine the correct answers to build a strategy on.

There are two main offers that a market research company will offer: qualitative or quantitative research.


Qualitative research

If you’d like to know whether people will like a new kind of coffee or what they think of it, qualitative research is the best best. Qualitative includes focus groups, interviews, and field notes collected on opinions. It answers the why and how questions.


Quantitative research

If you’d like to know how many people in your city would like a new kind of coffee, quantitative research is the best option. Polls, surveys, and data are at the root of quantitative research. The practice is about collecting enough data to make a numbers based hypothesis.


Marketing research

Marketing research differs slightly from market research as it focuses specifically on what the marketing tactics should focus on. There is a lot of overlap between the two, but marketing research can include how-to strategies for marketers rather than collected data on opinions and market fit.

The Status Bureau’s marketing research Vancouver page will show they are specifically focused on the digital marketing implications of the research rather than just opinion gathering.