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Vancouver Payday Loans companies in Vancouver.

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Payday loans company at Renfrew and East Hastings.


Focus Financial

Payday loans company near Kingsway and 41st that provides paydayloans up to $1,500.


Choosing a Payday Loan Company in Vancouver

Taking out a payday loan is pretty straightforward if you know what to expect. There are dozens of payday loan companies around Metro Vancouver and if you’ve never taken one out before, consider the below points.

The borrowing amount

The standard amount for a payday loan in British Columbia is between $100 – $1,500. You’ll probably end up spending $15 per $100 borrowed, and will have to pay it back within 62 days. The rules for borrowing are laid out in the Business Practices Consumer Protection Act in BC.

The borrowing cost

Borrowing the maximum amount of $1,500 will cost around $225. These charges by law are inclusive of all fees and taxes.

Look around at the posters if you’re at a physical location. Payday loan companies are required to advertise their rates on posters in their place of business.

Getting a payday loan online

Vancouverites are familiar with the physical locations around town from companies like Cash Money, Moneytree, Money Mart and others. There are online services like that send money via Interac, which is usually more convenient. See My Canada Payday’s Vancouver Payday Loan page for details on their service.

Unsecured vs. Secured Loans

Payday loans are unsecured loans, meaning that the money is loaned out based on the credit score of the individual borrowing. Secured loans are loans which the borrower “puts up” an asset such as a home or vehicle. Payday loans being unsecured present a higher risk to the loan company so they are more expensive. 

A few more key rules:

  • You can cancel the loan within two business days
  • Loans cannot be more than 50% of a paycheque
  • Never pay up front for a loan (it’s illegal in BC)
  • You can pay your loan back as early as you like with no extra charges for doing so
  • You cannot take more than one payday loan out at a time