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Property Management Companies in Vancouver

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Top 3 Property Management Companies in Vancouver:

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Wynford Strata Management

Long-standing property management company in South Vancouver that specializes in strata management.

Orca Realty

Property management company based in Kerrisdale.

Choosing a Property Management company in Vancouver?

Here are some things to consider.

Are they established?
Trust is central to the relationship. Can they provide referrals? How long have they done this? Do they have city and neighbourhood expertise? Do they have experience marketing your type of property?

Do they have on-demand financial reports?

Do they have regular maintenance schedules and property inspections? What is their protocol for rent collection, security deposits and lease terminations? What is their screening process for new tenants like?

How good are they at marketing your property? Which websites will your property be shown on? Companies like Prompton have a marketing team and process built to show on their site and many others.

Local Network.
Are there maintenance people nearby?