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Vancouver Naturopathic Clinics

naturopathic clinics vancouver

There are many quality naturopathic clinics in Vancouver, so choosing can be tough. A main factor in selecting a naturopath should be their focus of service. Many naturopathic clinics can specialize in massage, chiro, acupuncture, weight loss, naturopathic medicine, reproductive wellness or many other things. Try looking for the clinic that best supports your strongest needs.

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Dr. Robyn Prescott

Naturopathic doctor in North Vancouver specializing in pain management and women's health.

Local Health Integrative Clinic

Naturopathic clinic on Commercial Drive across from the Skytrain station. Specializes in naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Dr. Alexina Mehta

Naturopathic doctor in Kitsilano specializing in biotherapeutic drainage, exercise therapy and herbal medicine.

Electra Health

Clinic at Burrard and Nelson Street downtown that offers chiro, physiotherapy, naturopathic services and more.

Active Therapy

Osteopathy and naturopathic clinic in North Vancouver.

Dr. Tasnim Adatya

American trained, licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Vancouver focusing on menopause and women’s hormonal issues.

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