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Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver

injury lawyers vancouver

If you’ve been injured and are looking for representation, it’s difficult to know who to call. Here are our top rated injury lawyers that have demonstrated a history of specializing in this one particular field. Also see all lawyers in Vancouver.

Top ranked personal injury lawyers in Vancouver:

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Veale Law

Injury lawyer with 8 locations across the Lower Mainland.


Personal injury and ICBC law firm.

Bungay Law Office

Injury and disability law firm in Vancouver, Surrey and Abbotsford.

Dhahan Law

Personal injury, family and employment law firm in Richmond.

Still looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Vancouver?

Here’s a few steps on choosing one.

The focus of their practice.

You’ll often find firms that specialize as “car accident lawyers” or “workplace lawyers” or “ICBC lawyers”. There are enough firms in Vancouver to choose a specific one that will fit your needs.

Ratings & Reputation.

Look around and start googling. If they have a poor reputation, you should be able to find it online. A good place to check out is the Law Society of BC’s disciplinary decisions.

Age & Experience.

You’ll want someone taking your case that has done this a few times.

Trial Experience.

You’ll either settle out of court or take the case to trial. You’ll want to choose a lawyer that isn’t afraid to take things to trial when they have a great case. Many lawyers boast their trial experience, which may be a good sign.


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