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Forestry & Lumbers Businesses in Vancouver

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Teal Jones

Largest privately owned timber harvesting and primary lumber product manufacturing company in British Columbia.

Conifex Timber

Established in 2008., Conifex Timber is a forestry company with locations in the B.C Interior and Southeastern USA.

Paper Excellence Group

Paper Excellence Group is a Richmond-based paper and pulp production company established in 2008.

Charlwood Pacific Group

Charlwood Pacific Group is a Vancouver-based franchising company and owns the franchising rights of multiple real estate and travel companies.

Hardwoods Distribution

Hardwoods Distribution is a decorative architectural products distributor based in Langley.

Western Forest Products

Western Forest Products specializes in lumber products for all residential and commercial applications. They are based in Vancouver.

Mercer International

Mercer International is a pulp and bio-product manufacturer based in Vancouver, B.C. They operate in Canada, the U.S and Germany.

Catalyst Paper

Catalyst Paper is a paper manufacturing company that produces market pulp as well as a variety of paper products. They are headquartered in Richmond, B.C.