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Home Insurance Companies in Vancouver

home insurance vancouver

Mansion or condo, rental or owned, everyone needs home insurance.

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Personal, auto, life, and business insurance provider.

Guardian Risk Managers

Insurance company in Surrey that specializes in different types of high value home insurance and business insurance.

Poco Insurance

Insurance company that's been in Port Coquitlam for 26 years – business, home and auto insurance.

Westland Insurance

Insurance company with 500 employees and over 130 locations across Western Canada.


Intact Insurance

The largest casualty insurance company in Canada with $28 billion in assets. Offers vehicle, home and business insurance.


Global home, auto, and business insurance company.

B&W Insurance

Personal and business insurance provider in Langley.

Considerations when looking for a home insurance provider in Vancouver

Broker or Agent

An insurance broker will work with a number of insurers while an agent will work with one insurer. Either will be able to walk you through the premiums and applicable insurance for your home.


Home insurance is a must. It’s not legally required, but it protects your home and the possessions within it from damage or theft. Even if you’re renting, it’s just plain smart to have it.

Buying a Home

If you’re buying a home your lender will require you to have home insurance. This is to protect the lender as they have a vested interest in the future of the home as well.

Different Types of Home Insurance Policies

There are generally 3 big factors when choosing home insurance.

  1. Liability. Personal liability insurance protects you from someone getting hurt on your property and pursuing legal action. Depending on the policy, this can extend further than just your property and can be applied wherever you go.
  2. Damage to the house. This is the obvious reason for home insurance. Fire, smoke damage, severe weather and vandalism can all be covered.
  3. Personal property damage. If your home is damaged or broken into, your personal property within can be covered. You’ll have to decide on the amount you’d like covered.

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance works in the same way house insurance does, but it only protects your condo, the contents within, and the storage locker. The exterior and the main building will be covered separately by the building owner.

Factors that Affect the Premium

The premium (the amount you pay for an insurance policy) will be affected by:

  1. The replacement cost of your home and contents
  2. Whether it’s a rental or mixed business use
  3. Your neighbourhood
  4. The age of your roof
  5. Closeness to water
  6. Your claims history
  7. Electric wiring of your house
  8. Type of piping in your home
  9. Wood stoves
  10. Security system
  11. Whether you have a pool

For more details on buying home insurance, visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada website.

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