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Top Business Insurance Companies in Vancouver

business insurance vancouver

Regardless of the size of your business, you’ll need insurance.

Top business insurance providers in Vancouver:

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Personal, auto, life, and business insurance provider.

Apollo Insurance

Tenant, personal, and business insurance provider located in Gastown.

Guardian Risk Managers

Insurance company in Surrey that specializes in different types of high value home insurance and business insurance.

Aon plc

Global insurance and financial services firm with 50,000 employees in 120 countries. Mostly known mostly for insurance, risk, and retirement consulting.

Westland Insurance

Insurance company with 500 employees and over 130 locations across Western Canada.



Offers many types of business insurance from niche categories such as Craft Brewery & Distillery insurance, Telecom, Gaming and dozens more.

Aligned Insurance Inc.

Covers many different facets of business insurance including cyber liability, cargo, product recall and many more.


Swiss owned insurance company with offices in 4 provinces.

Totten Group

Business insurance provider with 8 locations across Canada.

Intact Insurance

The largest casualty insurance company in Canada with $28 billion in assets. Offers vehicle, home and business insurance.

Prime Insurance Centre

Insurance company in Surrey offering personal (home, auto, etc) and commercial (business, fleet, etc) insurance.


B&W Insurance

Personal and business insurance provider in Langley.

Front Row Insurance

Provides specialty insurance for cameras, film shoots, weddings, and getting hacked.


Should you get business insurance?

Yes. If you’re a small business or solopreneur weighing the option of getting it, think of the what-if scenarios of property damage, lawsuits or theft. Every business should have insurance.

Looking for business insurance in Vancouver, Burnaby, etc.

You’ll need to shop around. Companies offer different premiums (how much you’ll pay) for different coverage levels. There are a million factors that an insurance company will ask. Just a few of the answers you’ll need on hand for an quote on office insurance are:

  • what kind of building is the business in? fire resistive, brick, wood frame?
  • what’s your revenue?
  • how many square feet does your business occupy?
  • do you have a fire alarm?
  • is there a theft alarms?
  • what’s the replacement value of the contents of the office?
  • how much is the liability amount that you want?

That’s just a starter round of questions, but you’ll want to have a lot of details on hand when asking for the quote.

Jumping on the phone.

Getting online quotes for business insurance is good in a simple scenario. If you have an office inside your home or you have a small space, getting three online quotes should suffice in most cases.

In most other cases speaking with an associate to walk you through the options is recommended.

How much is business insurance?

The cost is going to vary widely. Front Row Insurance in Vancouver offers small business insurance for around $42 per month. That’s their $500 per year plan, but it’s rare to have a business be simple enough to qualify for that. Most small office-based businesses can expect a $1,500 per year cost, but there’s a million factors that will offset that number by a big margin.

Additional insurance categories: