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Mining Companies in Vancouver

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Top Mining Companies in Vancouver

Here’s our list of the biggest and most reputable mining & resources businesses in Vancouver. Many of them are global, and concentrate on mining gold, silver, coal, copper, zinc amongst others.

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Teck Resources

Mining companies known as one of the largest companies in British Columbia.

Taseko Mines

Taseko Mines Limited is a copper production company based in Vancouver founded in 1999.


Imperial Metals

Imperial Metals, formerly known as IMI Imperial Metals, is a Vancouver-based metals and mining company founded in 1959. They mainly mine copper and gold.

Eldorado Gold

Eldorado Gold is a gold and metal mining company with locations in Canada, Turkey, Brazil, Romania, Serbia and Greece.

China Gold International Resources

China Gold International Resources Corporation is the only international vehicle of China National Gold Group, the largest gold producer in China.


SSR Mining

SSR Mining, formerly known as Silver Standard Resources, is a Vancouver-based precious metals production company.

Paper Excellence Group

Paper Excellence Group is a Richmond-based paper and pulp production company established in 2008.

Capstone Mining Corp

Copper mining company with locations in the U.S, Chile, and Mexico, headquartered in Vancouver.

New Gold

New Gold is a Canadian mining company with locations in Canada and Mexico. They mine gold, silver and copper.

B2Gold Corp

B2Gold Corporation is a Vancouver-based gold mining established in 2007.

About Mining Companies in Vancouver

Mining is big business in British Columbia. The industry employs over 11,000 direct jobs in BC. This can be seen in Vancouver, as a lot of the activity downtown is related to mining.

The top minerals mined in the province are coal, copper, zinc, silver, gold, lead and molybdenum. 54% of the province’s mining revenue comes from coal, while 19% is from copper and 11% is from lead.