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The Best SEO Companies in Vancouver

vancouver seo companies

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of getting website rankings higher in search engines, primarily Google. Great SEO companies will specialize in technical SEO, content, linkbuilding, and understanding business goals.

The prices for monthly engagement for SEO companies in Vancouver can vary widely from $500 – $15,000 per month. Typically, if the SEO services you’re looking for are under $1,000 you’ll want to seek out a freelance SEO.

Top ranked SEO companies in Vancouver:

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The Status Bureau ✅

Vancouver's top SEO and digital marketing agency. SEO, PPC, Analytics company in Gastown.


Triforce Media

Internet marketing, sales optimization and design and development services company in North Vancouver.


Digital marketing, web design and graphic design company in downtown Vancouver.


SEO, conversion rate optimization and PPC company in Vancouver.

Guaranteed SEO

Digital marketing, web design and development company in downtown Vancouver.


Digital marketing and SEO company in downtown Vancouver.

Major Tom

Strategy, marketing, design and development agency in Vancouver, Toronto and New York.

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Starting SEO projects and engaging a Search Engine Optimization company should follow these basic principles:

Commitment levels. SEO does take a lot of time, especially if your business is in a competitive business category with big companies. You’ll want to invest long term in your SEO, but have an out if your SEO company isn’t what you expected. Try not to sign any year long contracts right off the top.

Company strengths. Ask the SEO company what their strengths are and if that is a match with what you need.