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We are a high-energy team of go-getters, storytellers, and experts in all things digital who work tirelessly to get your business, product, and message seen and heard by the right people. While social media, PR, and digital advertising are the pillars of our business, it is our unique ability to combine the trio that enables us to provide comprehensive amplification for your brand.

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We’re not trying to influence your decision or anything, but our PR department can be pretty persuasive. From press releases to digital advertising, Jelly Marketing is your go-to for all things PR. When you have exciting news – like a product launch or facility expansion – host an event for journalists and bloggers. Putting faces to names and having in-person conversations will reinforce your online interactions with reporters. We’ll help you send out tailored invitations to each member of the press with a custom hashtag in the invites to encourage social media buzz.

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July 17, 2024