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Sequeira Partners Inc.

Mergers and acquisitions, corporate valuations, corporate carve-outs, recapitalization.

Nicola Wealth

Wealth management company with locations in Vancouver, Kelowna, Richmond and Toronto.


Online investment app for Canadians.

Tips on Choosing a Wealth Management firm.

Choose the right size.

Wealth management companies in Vancouver, or anywhere, are best suited for the right client size. Some firms specialize in those with $500,000 to $1,000,000 in assets, some go bigger, some smaller.


Of course cost will be a factor. Do the math on how a commissions based agreement or a flat services fee will look like with the size of your assets.

Pick the right product.

Many wealth management companies have a platform that allows you to interface with your assets. That may be the focus of the arrangement, it may not have anything to do with it. Ensure you choose a company that will run things the way you need them to.

Meeting Schedule.

Determine the pace in which you’d like to hear from them and see what they say. If you’re looking at weekly or monthly check-ins, let them know. Some firms will want to have fast and furious communication, others won’t.