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There’s Over 200 Cannabis Industry Jobs in Vancouver

Medical cannabis markets are growing rapidly globally and recreational cannabis is on the horizon for Canada.

Recreational Marijuana legalization for Canada will happen on October 17, 2018 and everyone’s gearing up – especially in Human Resources. Indeed currently has 234 cannabis jobs listed for Vancouver, BC, with a variety of positions open in sales, marketing, operations, and quality assurance.


Recreational and medical organizations are all preparing for growth. Some of the companies hiring?

Ascent Industries Corp., Agrima Botanicals, Cantest, Canopy Growth

Aurora alone currently has 170 job postings in 28 cities on their website. 36 of those are in Vancouver. The positions are the same you’d expect in any office big environment – tax analysis, data management, analytics.


Stats Canada says that Canadians spent over $5.5 billion last year on cannabis which has everyone (especially the stock market) wondering how much will be spent on weed from October 17th onwards.

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