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About Us.

Loomo is a full-service branding and creative agency that specializes in brand development, web design, and marketing strategy. With offices in Victoria and historic Fort Langley BC, we believe in creative ideas and solutions that tackle any problem, and thorough market research that serves as the foundation for everything we do.

Our Approach.

We live and breathe brand growth, it’s our favourite challenge. To bring to life the identity of a company in exciting new ways is what really lights our engines. So how do we do it? The tools we use to get you there may be complex, but the core of it is very simple: audience first – all the time. It might sound obvious, but what most companies forget is that every business, organization, community and brand are all simply made up of people. If you spend the time to understand the people you are trying to reach, half of the work is done for you.

Our Services.

  • Brand Development
  • Visual Identities
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Design
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Management

Our Areas of Expertise.

  • Financial Management
  • Industrial Companies
  • Government/Community
  • Commercial/Retail

Final Thoughts.

You have a dream and a goal for your business, to reach further and grow faster than you ever have before (to shoot for the moon, you could say). Loomo’s role as an agency is to come alongside you and identify the right mix of tools and tactics to get you there. Think of us as the NASA to your Apollo program; the Elon Musk to your future Mars colony. We won’t rest until your feet touch lunar soil.


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