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UPDATE 2: FCV had $8,920,910 in total liabilities and $782,819 in total assets in their bankruptcy filings.

UPDATE 1: FCV did go bankrupt according to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Records Search

FCV Interactive was one of Vancouver's largest web design companies. They closed their doors and shut down their website on September 5th, 2019. The unconfirmed reports were that they went bankrupt.

Their head office was in Vancouver, with satellite offices in Toronto and Halifax.

The news came as a shock to those in the marketing and web design communities as at the time they went out of business, FCV boasted such clients as Nike, Starbucks, Scotiabank, Translink, ICBC, Nature's Path, Westjet, Destination BC, Calgary Transit, International Development Research Centre, Work BC, Government of Alberta, and Best Buy / Future Shop.

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  • "Re: I generally prefer to take the high road..."
    This post is completely random, but I remember the subject line to be one of the quotes of the founder of FCV. It is unfortunate to see that company is closed. I think the business model had flaws to begin with but I was confident they'll be able to pivot to something that's more than a time and materials bill to the client. I hope this is not the end though, and look forward to their new ventures ;)
  • "I generally prefer to take the high road..."
    But FCV recruited away some of our people, went to our clients and did a horrible job and we had to go in and clean it up. Only fitting they went bankrupt as they were morally inept and corrupt it would appear. A fitting end for a shitty company. Beware of salespeople and BS.


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